Cookies Policy

Generally speaking, a cookie is a tiny file sent by a website and stored in the user’s browser, so that the website can consult previous activity of the user. Some websites use them to obtain information on the user’s browsing habits. Others go further and try to install spyware. This can cause privacy issues and is one of the reasons why some people are anti-cookies.

When used properly within the law there is absolutely no problem with the use of cookies.

Use of cookies in the Hispacolección portal

Minimum use is made of cookies on our website. It is limited almost exclusively to checking identity. This use is described briefly below.

We use an ID cookie, which is strictly necessary and does not pick up any personal data or preferences of the user.

To secure management of the portal it is strictly necessary to identify users, because they must access their private area, be able to bid for their favourite articles or make purchases in our virtual store by putting articles into their shopping cart, among many other activities we offer our registered users. An ID cookie is used for this purpose, which is encrypted and does not contain any personal data whatsoever of the user; nor does it pick up the user’s preferences of use and browsing on the Web. All it tells us is your nickname once you have logged on.

Temporary cookies

To facilitate coherent transition between one page and another in Cloud environments we may place a cookie which does not remain in the user’s hard disk.

Tracking cookies

Under no circumstances do we spy or track or store users’ browsing preferences for commercial purposes with regard to use of the portal.

User preferences

Some user preferences are strictly necessary, such as those established by sellers for their articles, the means of payment accepted, the types of delivery offered, etc. This type of information, owing to its importance, is stored directly in the data base and never in cookies.

Anonymous browsing through the Hispacolección collection

If you opt to disable cookies in your browser, you can browse any of our auction catalogues and virtual store and have read-only access to most of the pages on our website. If you want to purchase our articles or participate in the auctions offered by other users, then you will necessarily have to register and choose at least a nickname and password to log on to those specific pages, where you will need to have cookies enabled.