In-Store Retreat Service

Sellers of the auction portal may, if they wish, give the option to their buyers to pick up and pay for the products at the Padilla 88 St store in Madrid.

This service is made available to users for cases where the buyer wishes to personally verify the quality of the product before paying it, but does not mean any type of mediation or arbitration of Hispacoleccion between buyer and seller.

Please use this service wisely. That is, it does not make sense to use it for users who do not live or visit Madrid frequently

To use it, the following rules will be complied with

  • The seller must take the product or products to Calle Padilla 88 (Madrid) in person or by delegation, but never by mail or courier.
  • It must do so within a maximum period of two weeks from the date of the sale on the web and must arrange with the buyer the day and time of collection, notifying to Hispacoleccion of the agreed date.
  • For this service, Hispacolección will receive an additional commission of 5% on the sale price with a minimum of 50 Euro cents per product..
  • Buyers, as in any other transaction, will pay the cost of the product and travel expenses previously set by the seller.
  • Sellers who wish to offer this possibility are obliged to specify it in their general conditions of sale.
  • The telephone to make an appointment in Hispacolection is 914384645.