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If you own any works of art or collectors' items, Hispacolección © offers you an opportunity to display it on consignment (at the shop we have open to the public at C/ Padilla 88, bajo; 28006 Madrid) or to directly make us a proposal for its purchase. For this purpose, send us a description of the item using the form on this page and you will receive an answer from us within no more than 7 days.

If your item fits in with our commercial and product policy, we will respond with an offer for consignment or purchase (in both cases with a provisional economic appraisal) and propose a meeting to study the state of the item and the best commercial type of transaction. Depending how this meeting goes, our provisional offer will or will not be formally defined.

Joint offers may be made for several items and article exchange operations.

Please do not send any objects by post or any other means without a prior written arrangement.

If no agreement is reached between the parties two months after the date of the provisional offer made by Hispacolección ©, Hispacolección © will cancel its offer and delete all the corresponding information from its files.

You are reminded that apart from our Consignment and/or Purchase Portal you have the option to sell directly to third parties through the Auctions Portal.

If you require any further clarifications, please contact Hispacolección ©.

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