Hispacolección services for sellers through the auction portal.

The only conditions for selling through the auction portal is to comply with the general terms of use of the www.hispacolecció website and the laws and regulations in place.

A small commission will be charged on each article sold through the auction portal. At present, this commission is 3% of the final selling price and 5 euro cents per article sold.

No commissions will be generated in favour of Hispacolección until your article has been sold and if it is not sold you may withdraw it when you like without generating any commission.

The commission may be changed at the discretion of Hispacolección, although changes will only be applicable 30 days after being announced on the website.

Commissions will be invoiced monthly in arrears. On the first day of each calendar month the balance of each user’s commissions will be updated with the commissions on the sales made in the preceding month. The balance of commissions of each user can be seen on the website in “my account”, “my sales commissions”.

Users may have a negative balance of unpaid commissions of up to 10 euros. If this sum is exceeded, Hispacolección will require the user to recharge his/her account within no more than 15 calendar days to bring the debit balance down to below 10 euros. Credits of less than 5 euros will not be accepted in the recharging process. If the user ignores the request from Hispacolección, Hispacolección may cancel that user’s sales and/or account.

Should Hispacolección cease its activities for any reason, any positive balances will be refunded to the respective user by bank transfer to the account indicated by the latter.

Hispacolección will charge commissions on the articles sold, regardless of the relationship between seller and buyer, and will only refund commissions charged on confirmation that the buyer has not paid the seller for the article. In order to obtain refund of the commissions, it is essential to have completed a dispute-solving procedure for each unpaid article. Access to the dispute-solving procedure is through “my account”, “solving disputes”.

No commissions will be refunded more than three months after the sale.

The commissions indicated in the second paragraph include VAT.